A constant criticism of plant based diets is that most plants do not offer complete proteins.  Many plant foods are missing one or more of the 9 essential amino acids that your body cannot produce.  But if you consume a variety of plant foods, you will consume all 9 amino acids from the multiple sources.  Also, there is a popular complete protein in the plant world:  Quinoa.  Below, find plant foods organized by what they offer your body in respect to protein.

Complete Protein

Buckwheat – A complete protein that is a fruit seed.

Sunflower Seeds – A complete protein, although a bit low in the essential amino acid Lysine.

Black Beans – 1/2 cup offers at least 10% of all 9 essential amino acids.

Split Peas – 1/2 cup offers 10% of 8 of the essential amino acids plus 7% of methionine.

8 amino acids

Millet – All 9 essential amino acids are present in millet, but there is very little lysine.

Green Peas – All 9 essential amino acids are present but it is low in Methionine.