Micro-nutrients are so much more important than protein, fat and carbs, yet it seems quite difficult to find easy to access information about which foods have which micro-nutrients.  Let this page be a resource for you as you plan your meals each day or week.  The focus is plant based whole foods and what micro-nutrients they contain.  Foods are organized by how many micro-nutrients of which they supply at least 10% of the lower end of recommended daily intake.  This list is solely focused on consumption of nutrients.  If your goal is to lose weight, you will want to use the weight loss page as the list below does not take into account calorie intake.

These ideas are based on consuming 25 servings of different foods throughout the day.  Servings come from Chronometer.  The goal is to create balanced consumption of nutrients by eating about half of food servings from the top 2 lists of foods which will create a strong base of nutrients for the day.  Use the lower lists to target nutrients that are lower for the day.

13+ Micro-nutrients – A goal of 10+ servings per day.

Almonds – Strong source of Vitamin E, Roboflavin, Magnesium, Phosophorus, and Manganese.

Sun Dried Tomatoes – Strong Source of Iron and Copper

Sweet Potatoes – Vitamin A for the day plus a lot of Vitamin C, and maganese among 10 other nutrients at 10%+ of daily value.

Green Peas – A strong source of 14 vitamins and minerals with 7+ grams of protein.

10 – 12 Micro-nutrients – A goal of 7+ servings per day.

Sunflower Seeds – Half of your Vitamin K daily needs with 7+ grams of protein.

Brussel Sprouts – Your daily needs of Vitamin C and K along with 10%+ of 8 other nutrients.

Spinach – Vitamin A and K daily needs plus 2.43 g of protein with only 15 calories.

6-9 Micro-nutrients – A goal of 5+ servings per day

Black Beans – Loaded with magnesium which is required for your body to absorb calcium while packing a protein punch.

Split Peas – A strong source of maganese while offering 7.5 g of plant based protein with only 106 calories in 1/2 cup.

Avocado – 30%+ daily value intake of b5 or pantothenic acid in one avocado.  Pantothenic acid helps regulate hormones and jump starts metabolism among other things.

5 or less Micro-nutrients – A goal of 3+ servings per day.

Portabella Mushrooms – A strong source of Selenium and Copper with only 18 calories per mushroom.  Use to target Selenium when needed or as a tasty simple snack in a weight loss plan.

Asparagus – A strong source of vitamin K and with only 18 calories per 1/2 chopped serving a great choice to refill your plate.

Swiss Chard – Vitamin A and K for the day in one giant leaf.

Kale – Similar to Swiss Chard but add half your vitamin C intake for the day in a 1 oz serving with only 13 calories.

Pumpkin Seeds – Target Manganese with a simple addition to salads or stand alone as a snack.

Watermelon – Vitamin C plus, the amino acid L-citrulline and fast acting carbs glucose and fructose are perfect for a base to a workout smoothie.