A major goal of Composted Beginnings is that you find ways to learn and connect with things in your daily life like nutrition, exercise and other wellness practices.  Below, find information about this site that will help clarify what kind of information you will find at Composted Beginnings.

I am not licensed in nutrition, exercise science, medicine or anything else related to wellness.  I am a high school Latin teacher who enjoys learning more about personal wellness.  I find myself looking back to the ancient world often as I reconnect to plant based wellness.  My teaching blog is www.comprehensibleantiquity.com.

The information on this site should not be considered professional advice about nutrition, exercise, medical or any other concept centered around wellness.  Please consult a nutritionist, personal trainer, doctor or other licensed professional for professional advice.

The content of this site revolves around my personal body, eating habits, exercise habits and life situation.  Although this information demonstrates an increase in health and wellness for me, it may not create the same results for your specific personal situations.

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