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The Wild Diet by Able James pushed me to create a different relationship with the food that I eat.  Before reading it in the summer of 2016, I was on a track that I’m convinced would have led to diabetes earlier in my life than I thought possible.  As a 33 year old my blood work numbers had slowly but steadily crept into bad territory.  I went a little crazy with the Wild Diet and I admit that I took the bacon and butter too far, but my addiction to processed foods ending withing about 6 weeks of applying the ideas of the Wild Diet.  I also started consuming more vegetables.  Within 6 weeks my blood work changed for the better drastically, I now weigh 25 lbs less and I feel much better at age 36 than I did in my early 30s.

The Wild Diet is written in a way that encourages folks like me who don’t really know how to interact with our relationships with food.  It is more than a diet but a lifestyle.  We were made to enjoy food.  We were made to feast and famine and our ancient hunter gather DNA still shows up in our bodies.  This can be overwhelming but it can also be freeing.  The Wild Diet offers easy access to recipes and types of foods to eat.  It encourages enjoyment of eating in a way that makes it easier to give up those foods we’ve always thought we have to consume in our day.

I was at a point that I was eating fiber bars and brownies, chips, candy and other items in a package in a way I had no idea why I was consuming those items.  Now, when I do consume those items, it is because I want to and my body tells me to stop much more quickly than before.  If that sounds like you, pick up a copy of the Wild Diet now and break your addiction to processed food.  Your body will thank you quickly!