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Don’t kid yourself about starting a compost pile.  It is work depending on what you want to do with it.  Even if you plan to simply pile up organic waste, it takes some maintenance to make sure your pile does not smell rotten and is not a home for rodents.  If you decide to save the food scraps from your table, it’s important to consider where those scraps will go before they reach your compost pile.

  • How often will you take the scraps to your compost pile?
  • If not immediately, where will you store the material until it reaches your compost pile?

The LINKYO Compost Bin – Stainless Steel Kitchen Composter, Includes 4 Filters (1 Gallon) has helped my house become dedicated to composting.  We are a family of 5 and although we fill the 1 gallon bin fairly quickly, it takes about 3 days on average to completely fill the bin.  It is beneficial to have a place to store the material so we do not have to make trips to the compost pile in the back of our yard after every meal.  There are 2 major reasons I like this compost bin.

  • It is stainless steel and sturdy.  Sometimes, food scrapes are gross, especially if they have started to decompose.  This bin is easy to rinse out and clean and sturdy enough that I can bang it on the side of my wooden compost bin to make sure all the material is out.
  • Charcoal filter.  This is a must if you plan to keep some material in your house for any amount of time.  Decomposing material can smell, especially if there is a lot of similar items in the bin.  The charcoal filter helps a lot with the smell.  Just be careful not to overfill the bin as the material will make a mess of the filter if it is touching it.

My only complaint about this bin are the screws that hold the pins for the handle.  Over time they come undone and I’ve had to replace a few as it always seems to happen on the way to or from the compost pile.  Annoying, but not a big problem to solve.

If you are ready to start your compost pile, pick up a container such as LINKYO Compost Bin – Stainless Steel Kitchen Composter, Includes 4 Filters (1 Gallon) or try another option such as those below.