The less meat and dairy I eat the better I feel, even when I over eat.  I haven’t completely given up animal products but they are no longer the center of what I consume.  This week I have purposely avoided animal products for breakfast and lunch.  This Spring was odd and I think I let myself get into some bad eating habits.  We didn’t see a lot of sun in April and May started out cold.  As May ends we have had record heat.

About 4 or 5 years ago my wife suggested that we have “meatless Mondays” out our house.  I was appalled, frightened and even a bit angry at the thought.  I thought gnawing on meat made me feel good but I paid no attention to what was happening to my body.  Today, I started the day with kale, a banana, cocount milk, mango and my coffee.  I ate spinach, walnuts, strawberries, roasted brussel sprouts, potatoes and sweet potatoes, a pear and an apple over lunch.  I ate a banana and some dark chocolate for a snack.

That’s a lot of food!  I like to eat food and it turns out you can eat a lot of plant food.  At dinner I had about 1/2 cup of sesame chicken with asparagus, mushrooms edameme and rice.  I overate at dinner but guess what really blew up my day?  Ice cream, a late afternoon bagel and drinking 2 beers while working in the yard.  Without those 3 things my daily calories would be about 2500 which is actually a little lower than I want.  Tomorrow, I will sub out the ice cream and bagel for plant foods and my calorie intake will be well below 3,000.  I didn’t think about what I was eating.  I only logged it because I wanted to make sure I limited animal products.  And I consumed 91g of protein.

Micro nutrients are much more important than carbs, protein and fat.  Recently I’ve been working on putting together some data about plant foods and how many micro nutrients they provide.  My hope is to clean up my diet by organizing foods into categories based on how many micro nutrients they provide.  In theory, if we consume an appropriate amount of micro nutrients, first, the calories and macro nutrients should take care of themselves later.

Come back soon to find out how it works for me and to check out how I will try to organize food based on micro nutrients.