It seems a long 2 years ago from when I started a new journey in respect to my relationship with food and my body’s health.  Recently, I’ve had 2 reasons to look back and reflect on that journey considering what has worked and what hasn’t.  After restarting gradual weight loss this fall, I hit another wall in which I stalled.  Secondly, a few colleagues have asked me what I’ve been doing and I realized I haven’t looked back enough and considered what little tweaks I might make to jump start the weight loss again.

Luckily or unluckily for me life threw me a curve ball that jolted me out of my stagnant weight.  I went into the Thanksgiving holiday not feeling well and actually had a slight fever and aches.  I was feeling better as we came back to school but 2 days in I went downhill literally within 2 hours while at school.  I ended up having influenza A even though I had the flu shot in late September.  I have never felt so sick in my life!  I literally was whimpering like a teething baby basic of the aches the first night.  After 48 hours of aches and temperatures fluctuating up and down, my symptoms started to regulate and I could at least think a little even though I was still stuck to rest in bed.

The experience led me to almost paranoia to what I was putting in my body.  I did some reading about vitamins and minerals and I found a fantastic app, Chronometer.  Chronometer is a food tracker, but it offers fantastic data about the vitamins and minerals consumed in food.  Since I’ve been sick I changed my focus from calories and carbs to vitamin and mineral consumption.

Millet is a new favorite super food for me, but it is lacking in Vitamin D, E and K.  3 vitamins I’m finding it hard to consume.   Here are the nutrients from 1.5 servings of millet from chronometer.

millet - nutrients

Did you know that Vitamin A, D, E and K connect to the fat you consume in food?  Vitamin B and C are connected to liquids.  What does that mean?  Nuts, avocados, dark chocolate and other things are essential to help the body absorb Vitamin A, D, E and K.  Vitamin B and C run through our body therefore it is important that we have a regular intake of them.

I’ve lost over 10 pounds since being sick because I’ve been focused on vitamin and mineral intake.  I also am 100% recovered, 2 weeks later even though the doctor said it would take 4 weeks.  Vitamins and minerals are so much more important than carbs, protein and fat intake.  Take a look for yourself.  Are you consuming enough?  I wasn’t and it has become a game to try and make it happen.  The result; more weight loss and feeling even better than I did before being sick!