I set a goal of getting down to 252 lbs, 35% body fat and a loose fitting size 38 pants.  Interestingly, I slimmed down to a tight 35 size pants but I didn’t quite hit the other 2 goals.  I made it down to 253.2 lbs but I made some bad choices last Tuesday and I just couldn’t make up for it by Friday of that week.  My body fat went down to %35.9, although I question the validity of my scale as the body fat readings jump around a lot.  As I make a new set of short term goals it’s time to reflect to see if I should make any changes.

In June I made the following changes:

  • Breakfast is fatty coffee with a strong brew and 1.5 Tbs of heavy cream.  On days I feel a bit hungry I have 2 to make it 3 Tbs of heavy cream.  A lot of folks think I’m crazy here, but I’ve found I eat much less between 7-4 when I keep breakfast simple.
  • I replaced most carbs throughout the day with nuts, cheese, jerky, and dark chocolate.  I don’t have chocolate and cheese everyday, but I think I need to slow down on the nuts and up the jerky or other protein snack.
  • Lunch is something leafy, Spinach/Swiss Chard/Kale/Leafy Romaine Lettuce with 1 Tbs olive oil, cottage cheese, raw green beans/zucchini/cucumber and nuts/seeds.  My goal moving forward is to limit nuts to 1 Tbs with lunch and 1 Tbs as a snack later in the day.  I will replace some of the nuts on the salad with pumpkin/sunflower or other seeds.
  • After school I’ve let myself snack and this a place I’m going to try and trim down next.  No more chips, cookies, or other sugar.  On days I go overboard I’m eating up to 600 calories at this point.  I’m going to replace this with something like carrots/sweet potatoes/cheeses in an attempt to find some nutrition while fulfilling some hungry cravings.
  • I will continue to feast at dinner.  It has helped me sleep and it gives me a goal to think about after school when I’m fighting the carb cravings.  We will attempt to eat 15-20 minutes earlier which I think will help me put off the afternoon snack.
  • I’ve put off alcohol during the week, even just a small drink and my goal is to continue to do so.  I might even take it 1 step further and just allow myself alcohol 1 night of the weekend instead of 2.

My goal was to bring my calories down below 2900 calories a day.  During the week I’m in the 2600-2800 range.  I hope to lower that to 2500-2700 simply by adding some control in the afternoon snacks.  I think that will take me to the next level to get past my recent slump.

New goals by October 13th:

  • 247 lbs
  • 33% body fat
  • comfortable fit in size 35 pants