This time is different.  I’m more confident in those words than I have ever been as an adult.  I’ve even said those words before knowing 100% that I was just in another phase of the big long yo-yo diet fad of the moment.  But this time is different.  A few folks have even written me off as going a little crazy when I tell them how I’ve changed my relationship with food and how it is working for me these last few months.  People don’t hide their true thoughts about this very well.  But it doesn’t matter what they think because I’ve learned that what I eat in the morning and throughout lunch is extremely important.  If I eat processed carbs early, even if just a little, I eat much more throughout the day in general.  But the numbers don’t lie:  This time is different.  3 things this weekend confirmed what I already know.

  1. The first one is a bit odd, but I’m so excited about what it shows I have to share it.  10 or 11 years ago one of my college buddies gave me some of his dad’s barely used dress pants.  I couldn’t quite fit in them at the time but I kept them as motivation to work out more.  Over the last 10 years I never hit the point when I could actually  button them.  Today I went through some clothes and I was at the point that it’s time to get rid of the stuff that I don’t wear or no longer fits.  I was able to button EVERY single pair of those dress pants that have been haunting me for the last 10 years!  EVERY single pair!  I’ve even been down to 253 before but I still couldn’t button those pants!  They are still a bit tight, but I will be able to wear them in the next month because this time is different.
  2. About 3 weeks ago I started reading Tom Vento’s book, Burn the Fat:  Feed the Muscle.  I was a bit skeptical as I’m not really into the idea of bulking up.  I simply don’t have the time but the book is worth the money just for his chapter on mindset and goal setting.  I went with his program and I set a few goals with this Friday, September 9th as a deadline.  I was around 260 lbs at that point so I set a goal of getting down to 252 lbs thinking 2 lbs a week was reasonable but ambitious.  I also set a goal of a loose fitting 38 size waist.  The loose fit 38 has already happened as I put on size 35 and 36 pants earlier today.  And, even after a weekend full of eating processed food I was at 253.6 lbs on the scales last night.  When I set the goal 3 weeks ago I honestly set it without much confidence that I’d be able to hit it by the 9th.  But I’ve been looking at the goal most days and telling myself I can hit the target.  I have some work to do these next few days, but this time is different.  I can hit that goal and I will.
  3. On Saturday my family went up to Ledges State Park outside of Boone, Ia.  It is a fantastic place to spend a late summer day.  There are trails to hike but best of all, a small creek or stream runs through the park into the Des Moines River nearby.  ledges-state-park                      We enjoy starting near the Des Moines river and slowly walk up the stream to explore.  There are spots near the road that have deeper water and the kids love swimming and playing there.  This year, while the girls swam, I went off on a hike/jog workout through the woods.  I found a game trail near the stream and started a slow jog.  As the trail wound up the hill I slowed down to a walk because I needed to focus on balance.  The next thing I knew, I was huffing and puffing as I slowly scrambled to the top of the hill.  I went back to a jog and the whole time images of running through the nearby woods as a kid flooded my mind.  I found myself running a little faster as I remembered how we used to think the neighbor to the woods was coming out with a BB gun to tell us to stay away from the woods.  I found myself slowing down as the trail narrowed as I wondered if our booby traps near our forts in the woods actually worked.  About 30 minutes later I was tired and came back to the girls who were swimming away.  It was such a fun workout!  On top of the fun, my feet didn’t hurt.  Over the summer I had little bits of plantar fasciitis popping up in my right foot.  Some mornings, especially after a long field day the previous day, my foot was extremely stiff in the morning.  It had already started to clear up by the time I went to the doctor right before school, but it was still a bit sore after a hard run.  On Saturday, it didn’t hurt and this weekend I’ve hardly been stiff.  This time is different and my body is giving me all the evidence I need to know it.


I can’t wait to continue the journey.  This week will be a new challenge as I hit the greens harder than ever to attempt to drop that 1.6 lbs before my goal deadline.  I harvested a bunch of our Kale and Swiss chard today to prepare for the week.  Greens, Almonds, Cashews, Pumpkin Seeds, Olive Oil and, of course, Coffee with Heavy Cream will power me to that goal.

Set some goals but don’t just write them down and forget them.  Put them in a place that you will regularly see.  You might surprise yourself!