One thing is clear.  I’m not an expert in nutrition.  I’m not an expert in exercise.  I’m not an expert in wellness.  I am an expert concerning myself.  2 years ago, I was extremely unhealthy.  I was eating many foods wrapped in packaging.  My feet hurt.  I had digestion problems.  When I went through phases to track my diet I always ended up feeling bad about myself.  I kept gaining weight even though I was exercising a fair amount.

At some point in the summer of 2016, I realized that my increasing bad health didn’t have to do with my work ethic.  I was working hard, but I was mostly detached from what I was eating.  I was letting packaged foods drive my eating decisions through cravings and emotions.

We have a wonderful compost pile in our backyard.  That pile has become a refuge for me.  The process of plant material breaking down into dirt is fascinating.  Our bodies do something similar when digesting food.  We throw it off track when we consume foods filled with ingredients meant to preserve.

Consider this.  Your body can turn a twinkie into bones.  Imagine what it can do if you fuel it with food that it was designed to digest?  My compost pile turns egg cartons and the occasional pizza box into dirt, but if I’m not careful, too much of certain ingredients cause the pile to rot or turn slimy instead of transforming into dirt.  Our sickness and ailments start with what we eat.  But how do we get to a point of balance when there are so many unbalanced things thrown at us in respect to food?

This site will not lead you to the perfect diet or workout program but my hope is you might find something useful for you in my story.  There are a few key concepts that have centered me and will center the ideas on this site.

  • Nutrition is greater than exercise.
  • Exercise doesn’t need to take long and should be enjoyable.
  • The time to stray from nutrition revolves around community and social experiences.
  • Micro nutrients are more important than macro nutrients
  • Whole plant foods must be the majority of our diets.
  • Our body was not meant to digest large amounts of dairy.